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Home of the 601st604th Rothwesten-Freising, Germany

601st AC&W Squadron

601st - 604th-616th
Kassel Wilhelmshire
Wassekuppe, Germany
Rothwesten, Germany
HQS Rothwesten AB, Germany
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HOME OF THE AIR FORCE - GUNPOST - Rothwesten, Germany



601st HQS Building - Personnel and Adjutants Office

Rosemarie worked with Irv and Nick- Hqs 601st

Rothwesten AB, Germany

From Lt Irv Dunlap - Adjutant - 601st to Dick Roan


I've attached 2 photos taken from near the Rothwesten AB main gate facing north.  The building on the left of the photos was at one time the headquarters of the 601st ACWRON. 

I don't know when it became the headquarters, but it was the headquarters when I arrived at Rothwesten on 31 January 1958, and it remained the headquarters until sometime in the fall or winter of 1959-1960.

I don't know when either of the photos was taken or who took either one, but I suspect the autumn view was taken earlier--maybe even before the building became the 601st headquarters.  In the winter picture you can see the squadron insignia (bulldog sitting on antenna) standing near the street to the right of the stone wall.  The AP/MP building is just across the street.

In this headquarters building were the personnel section, the orderly room, and the operations offices all on the first floor.  On the second floor were the command section and the administrative section.  The long row of windows on the southeast corner of the second floor mark the Commander's office.  I was the Administrative Officer (Adjutant) so I worked in this building 5 1/2 days a week for almost two years.  Nick Mascis worked in the personnel section during much of this time period (58-60).

Sometime in the fall or winter of 1959-1960 we moved the headquarters to a building near  Rothwesten AB's back gate (near the motor pool section and the supply section).  I left the place for the States on 4 July 1960 (a symbolic date) and have no idea what happened to the headquarters after that.

So, counting the headquarters building shown on the home page of the 601st/615th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron web site, that makes at least three headquarters buildings for the squadron from its arrival at Rothwesten until July 60, when I left.  I wonder if the headquarters moved again before the squadron left the base in 1965.

I've also attached to this message a map of Rothwesten AB which I cobbled together from the Kassel.DE web site.  The map dates (I think) from the late 50's or early 60's and its the most detailed map I could find of the base.  If you look at this map and the great 1950 photo taken from the air side by side, you can roll a whole truckload of logs trying to figure out where things were "way back then."

Sorry we never met, but you left before I got there.
Irv Dunlap

      HEADMAN 7 Radio Relay 601st
      Photo by Jim Crider


Rothweten Main Gate Theater Area

601st-602d-603d-604th-615th AC&W Sq

601st TACGroup
1949 - we were asg'd to 12th Air Force
under the 501st Tac Con Group
comprised of 601stACWRON, 602nd, 603d, and the 604th in Freising, Germany
in 1947
601st  ACWRON< Rothwesten AB,
602d ACWRON> Darmstadt
604th ACWRON> Freising
reassigned to U-S-A-F-E in the
7402nd AC&W Group


604th Freising call card was "RACE CARD"

601st Kassel -  Wasserkuppe - Controlled Aircraft up and down the Berlin corridor

Call Card "GUNPOST"

ADDC, Kinsbach, Germany, Det 1, 615th ACW Sq located in underground bunker

Call Card  "THE CAVE" in 1950 and 60's the semi-automatic 412L System was installed and the 615th ACW, SOC-3 became known as "SMALLARM" moved to Borfinkin, Germany 1965